This is going to take a while. At least that's what tenants and shoppers are beginning to think as the Genesee Valley Center in Flint Township remains closed and frustration is rising.

We first broke the news on Saturday that the shopping mall on Miller Road had shut its doors earlier in the day. Social media quickly spread the word early Saturday afternoon that the Miller Road shopping center was closed due to another water main break. One post to Facebook stated there were firetrucks outside of the JC Penny entrance and shoppers were leaving the mall. Others were quick to comment that it was another water main break.

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This is not the first time the mall has closed its doors due to a water situation. It was Christmas of 2022, right at the height of the holiday shopping season when the mall was forced to close from excessive flooding due to a water main break. Then again in August of 2023, the mall closed with a statement that it was due to another water main break.

Since then, the only communication from the mall has been posted to its social media with the latest indicating that the mall is still closed and will remain so until further notice. They advise people to "check back for updates" and have enabled any comments to their posts, which makes sense since people have become very opinionated about the mall and its operations.

Also, although unverified, there have been several postings and comments circulating that current tenants of the mall are still be required to pay their rent and utilities during the closure. This is something that would be a decision of mall ownership and not the current management, which has tried to revitalize the mall since taking the lead.

As of now, the doors will stay locked, and we will continue to wait on details of a reopening. We will keep you posted.

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