In a serious case of "we've been here before", Genesee Valley Center is once again closed.

Just 3 days after reopening following 6 days closed to shoppers, the mall on Miller Road had locked its doors again, and it's getting to be a source of frustration with many just throwing their hands up in the air. It's become the butt of the joke with residents voicing, "Just close it for good".

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So what is it this time? Well, not a water main break, so that's some good news if you can consider it that. No, this time it appears to be a power outage. Genesee Valley Center took to social media to post information on Facebook saying,  "A power outage was affecting the facility. All stores were closed while Consumers Energy crews work on diagnosing and repairing the problem".

We took a look at the Consumers Energy Outage Map, and there were no indications that any other business in the vicinity of the mall was without power and that they were the only business in the dark.

Issues have been plaguing the once-thriving shopping mall for the past year with a series of closures due to water main issues and flooding. It was Christmas of 2022, right at the height of the holiday shopping season when the mall was forced to close from excessive flooding due to a water main break. Then again in August of 2023, the mall closed with a statement that it was due to another water main break.

On February 18th, the doors closed once again for the same issue, leaving everyone wondering when things are going to change. This story is developing and we will keep you updated as information becomes available.

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