It seems to be the question of the moment. What's going on at Flint's Genesee Valley Center? The Flint Township mall is closed once again without many details.

The mall announced on its Facebook page on December 25th that it would be closed on Monday, December 26th due to a water main break over the holiday weekend. A few short hours after posting they would be reopening on Tuesday, December 27th at 11:00 am, Genesee Valley Center announced they would be closing "until further notice".

Stores with private entrances such as JC Penney, Macy's, Planet Fitness, Logan's, and Barnes & Noble will remain open, but no word was given on the reopening status for the tenants within the mall itself.

Pictures circulating on social media showed water throughout the mall's main halls and some businesses. Bouenni Taekwondo Academy located in the old Sears wing of the mall posted photos on Facebook showing its damage, damage to other businesses,  and commenting on the condition of the mall saying,

"The whole mall is flooded and destroyed"

The owner of Bouenni Taekwondo indicated they were already moving to a new location, but with the water damage, would be moving sooner than expected. Comments of support and critique of the mall flooded individual vendor social media pages, but the Genesee Valley Center Facebook page restricted and limited comments to its post of closure.

As of now, nobody is really sure when the mall will open for inside business. Locally owned stores and boutiques at the mall are holding their breath and hoping for the best.

There has been no official comment from mall management as of yet. This story is developing.

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