A few residents in Grand Blanc have noticed something odd in front of Grand Blanc High School on the McDonald's side of Saginaw Road. Not to worry, we have pictures to show you, too.

While surprising, it's also an opportunity to make a few jokes. And for any "Internet Karen" thinking we're trashing our own community... stop it. Let's have a laugh together.

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"School" misspelled in road paint in front of Grand Blanc High School.

30+ captions we thought of as soon as we learned of the infamous typo.

  1. No spell check on the paint truck, eh?
  2. You had one job!
  3. Who was your teacher???
  4. This is your brain on drugs.
  5. The sign with correct spelling was right there!
  6. ...but you spelled all the others correctly?!
  7. Drinking on the job?
  8. Drugs are bad kids!
  9. Not a tradition of excellence eksellentz or spelling?
  10. Were the Swartz Creek Dragons vandalizing before school starts?
  11. Let’s spend all the money on sports, but not spelling and grammar.
  12. Somebody did not win the spelling bee.
  13. Grand Blanc Eyes was just a mile ahead…Nuenenfeldt is just a block from there.
  14. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry… get a snickers (Great Googly Moogly)
  15. Can we get Grammarly for road painters?
  16. Looks like a “Monday” for the paint crew.
  17. The summer reading program didn’t take.
  18. Hey Enzo’s, when can you fix this?
  19. Hey J'Quavis, here's your next instructional video opportunity.
  20. Thankfully, it’s not a tattoo… oh wait.
  21. Here's proof that not allowing weed shops in Grand Blanc doesn’t make a difference.
  22. Think we can find a better version on Etsy or Pinterest?
  23. Was it take your kindergartner to work day?
  24. Wondering how Family Feud’s Steve Harvey would react?
  25. “Good enough. It’s beer :30!”
  26. Who’s smarter than a fifth grader filming in Grand Blanc?
  27. For the 80s kids: Is this like “Shwing?”
  28. Note to self: check pay stub for accuracy.
  29. Sesame Street Song: one of these things does not belong here… one of these things is not the same.
  30. Employment sign: "Hiring painters, must pass spelling test."
  31. Hey kids: multiple-choice quiz: choose the incorrect answer.
  32. Has anyone checked the new busses for accuracy?
  33. Road painters were catfished with decals.
  34. No "regerts."
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