Each month the Genesee County Health Department randomly inspects restaurants & bars around the greater Flint, Michigan area.

For the spots that didn't make the perfect list, numerous restaurants did.

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Here are the reasons many did not:

  • 17 incidents of grease, food debris or "black build up" in kitchens.
  • 9 weren't using hand sinks to wash hands. More like dumping or storage.
  • 7 didn't have a person on duty with safety/food handling certification.
  • 6 with overhead greasy ventilation or missing "grease traps."
  • 6 incidents of gnats -- some of those keep fly tape hanging above food.

These are the restaurants that made a perfect grade.

Burton 2 out of 6 restaurant inspections

Subway 5323 E Court St

Starlite Burger & Coney Shop 4125 E Court St

Clio 4 out of 6 inspections

Andy's Country Chef 2135 W Vienna Rd

Hungry Howie's 530 S Mill St

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Jets Pizza 425 Vienna RD Ste 7

Wendys Clio 4280 Vienna Rd

Davison 5 out of 7 inspections

Wendys Davison 102 W Flint St

T Burgers LLC 12246 E Potter RD

Hamlin Pub Davison 1180 S Irish RD

Elviras Mexican Foods 210 W Second St

Hungry Howies 1026 S State St C

 Fenton 2 out of 2 inspections

The Way Coffee Company STFU 2940 Georgetown PKWY

Fireplace of Lake Fenton LLC 2238 N Long Lake Rd

Flint 16 out of 50 inspections

Burger King G-5510 Fenton Rd

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill 3131 Miller Rd

Charlie's Smokin Bar-B-Q 300 E First St

IHOP 3227 Miller RD

Big John Steak & Onion 3622 Clio Rd

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Antonio's Coney Island Restaurant (formerly Venus) 5485 Fenton Rd

Capitol Theatre Café 140 E Second St

Grill of India 2105 S Linden Rd

Dort Federal Event Center 3501 Lapeer Rd

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Domino's 5040 W Pierson Rd

Down The Tracks 2310 W Court St

Monis Hibachi 4929 Clio RD

Family Recipes 2041 Aitken AVE

Vehicle City Tacos Mobile 119 N Grand Traverse

Churchill's 340 S Saginaw

Burger Bar & Tap (BBTF Holdings LLC) 5516 Fenton RD

Flushing 2 out of 5 inspections

Subway 228 Main St

Hoovers Kountry Kitchen 8230 Brook DR

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 Goodrich 1 out of 2 inspections

Goodrich Nutrition 8165 S State RD

 Grand Blanc 13 out of 18 inspections

Pizza Hut 12793 S Saginaw St

Taco Bell 7500 Grand PKWY

Pita Way 6331 S Saginaw St Unit 3

Grand Blanc Nutrition 11509 S Saginaw St

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Wendys 11333 S Saginaw St

McAlister's Deli 11346 S Saginaw St

Hot Pepper Thai 11419-B Saginaw St

Bubble Bee Tea LLC STFU 130 Perry RD Suite A

Estelle Public House 12821 S Saginaw St Ste D16

Domino's 130 Perry RD

A Taste of Heaven 9154 Fenton Rd

Warwick Hills Country Club 9057 S Saginaw St

The Grafted Root Eatery, LLC 12235 S Saginaw St

Linden 2 out of 4 inspections

Taco Bell 605 W Broad St

Hungry Howie's 8351 Silver Lake Rd

Montrose 0 out of 0 inspections

Mt. Morris 0 out of 4 inspections

While inspections were held in Mount Morris, nobody was perfect.

Otisville 1 out of 1 inspection

Plated With Luv/Global Street Eats 7211 N Irish RD, Otisville

Swartz Creek 0 out of 0 inspections

Congrats to all the operators and teams making it happen day in and day out.

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