People that have lived around Flint and Genesee County most of their lives might not realize (or remember) the State of Michigan no longer has a Sunday alcohol ban in place.

Truth be told, the state hasn't had it in place for over a decade.

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Flint chose to keep the ban in place even after it was legally allowed at the state level.

Why Continue the Sunday Morning Alcohol Ban in Flint?

Back in December of 2010, then Flint City Council President Jackie Poplar basically told MLive the city had enough problems without expanding alcohol sales on Sunday morning.

Credit: Google Street View, Canva
Downtown Flint. Saginaw Street looking north. Credit: Google Street View, Canva

At the time, Flint wasn't alone. Fenton, Linden and Mt. Morris also chose to embrace the 2010 state law allowing alcohol sales on Sunday mornings.

Fenton and Linden eventually let it go. Then, businesses are allowed to purchase the Sunday morning sales permit.

Will Flint City Council Vote to Join the State Law?

Council was supposed to have voted on Mayor Sheldon Neeley's proposal this week. So, why didn't it come up for a vote?

"Another committee meeting took roughly seven hours to complete its work" according to the MLive's latest report.

Soggy Bottom Downtown Flint
Soggy Bottom Bar Downtown Flint, MI Credit: Google Street View

Flint residents have never experienced the joy of a true brunch.

Brunch is wildly popular in most cities. Typically, it starts at 9 or 10am and continues until 2 or 3pm.

You get breakfast or lunch food, a mimosa, bloody mary or beer and settle into Sunday Funday with friends and family.

White Horse Tavern 621 W Court St, Flint, MI 48503
White Horse Tavern Flint, MI Google Street View

Fans of NFL European games haven't been able to watch at their favorite watering hole like they do in other Michigan cities.

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Or what about the overseas soccer matches that happen at the oddest hours (on TV) in Michigan?

The Torch Bar & Grill 522 Buckham Alley, Flint, MI 48502
The Torch Bar & Grill Flint, MI Google Street View

If you don't feel like going to a bar or restaurant on Sunday morning, wouldn't you like the convenience of stopping at the store to get what you need for hosting at home?

Hopefully that's about to change for the better... for businesses and residents.

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