One day you're planning your week around their mouthwatering wings, and the next? Poof! The doors are locked, the lights are off, and the only thing left is an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. With an onslaught of chicken places heading our way, one popular wing spot has apparently called quits out of the blue.

Social media was a conversation hub as news broke that Detroit Wing Company had locked up shop at three locations in the area. Reports stated not only did they close permanently, but did so without any warning to customers or employees. According to a post by a former employee, the Grand Blanc, Davison, and Oxford locations have all closed for good.

Several customers and employees weighed in with comments on why they think the sudden closing happened citing slow business, higher prices, and competition from other wing shops in the area. Others noted a change in the quality of the wings recently. Although the closing was a shock, the lack of "head up" for employees is what really had people riled up.

"I was a main cook at the Davison location 40+ hours a week
I received no warning, clocked out at 8:20, laid off as of 9:40
We received a statement from the owners of Detroit Wing Company via email that read:

“We regretfully confirm that the independent franchisee operator of these three locations did, in fact, close their doors, though our corporate team is diligently working to reopen all three locations as soon as possible. While we cannot comment on the specifics of this situation, we are certainly understanding and sympathetic to those who are affected. When the locations are reopened, we will prioritize retaining as many team members as possible. In the meantime, employees interested in relocating to a different independently owned and operated Detroit Wing Company location are invited to reach out to the corporate office to assist with those arrangements.”

 The Grand Blanc location opened its doors in October 2020, with Davison welcoming customers in February of 2023. As of this article, all three locations still appear on the company website. We will keep you up to date with more information as it becomes available.

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