Americans are just partial to certain things, and when it comes to products and foods they use, they're pretty brand loyal. When it comes to the Mitten state, there's no doubt that Michigan has its fair share, and then some, of homegrown brands make our state even better.

Recently Morning Consult released its annual Most Trusted Brands report. The report, in its 4th year, highlights the brands that have earned consumers’ trust when it comes to doing what’s right and has become beloved by Americans coast to coast.

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For the second straight year, Band-Aid took the top spot with a "net trust" score of 57.50. The go-to brand for boo-boos was followed by UPS in second place followed by Amazon in third. You can check out the Top Ten here.

Most Loved Local Brand in Michigan

Another analysis decided to get a bit more specific and search out the most loved local brands in each state. On Deck relied on over 2 million Tweets to determine what brand had most captured the hearts of their home states, and for Michigan, it was a brand that fuels our days.

Lansing-based Biggby Coffee took the honors as the "Most Loved Consumer Brand" for Michigan. Founded in 1995 in the city of East Lansing, Michigan by Bob Fish and Mary Roszel as Beaner's Coffee. After humble beginnings, Biggby Coffee now has over 280 stores open across 12 states including as far south as Florida.

Biggby Coffee earned bragging rights with 60.9% of positive Tweets recorded. The Midwest itself showed a definite love for food brands with Illinois choosing Grubhub and Nebraska loving on Omaha Steaks. You can check out the full map below.

Photo: On Deck
Photo: On Deck

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