Easter is right around the corner, meaning candy manufacturers are in all their glory. Easter comes with all those great traditions like decorating eggs and those big family ham dinners, but Easter also gives us a chance to enjoy some of that great candy that we can't get our hands on any other time of year. Let's hear it for Peeps!

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According to a recent survey done by The Harris Poll of more than 2,000 Americans 92% of those who celebrate plan to buy Easter candy this year. That's a pretty be chunk of us stocking up on Jelly Beans and Cadbury Eggs just to name a few. With so many sweet selections, it had us wondering what's the top pick for filling Easter Baskets in Michigan this year.

According to Instacart, chocolate tends to reign supreme as a top choice for Easter treats with Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs taking the top spot as a fan favorite coast to coast.

"Our survey found that more than 3 in 5 of those planning to purchase Easter candy this year will be buying chocolate eggs (64%) and chocolate bunnies (61%) to satisfy their sweet cravings and stay on theme".

What's the Most Popular Easter Candy in Michigan?

Instacart decided to take its candy data to another level and break down the "Most Popular Easter Candy in Every State". Although Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs took the top spot in 30 states, including the entire West Coast, Michigander's had a more traditional favorite.

When it comes to Michiganders, most would prefer the traditional jelly beans, but with a twist. Not just any jelly beans for the Mitten state, but the Starburst Jelly Beans were ranked the top Easter candy.

The biggest surprise? Peeps were nowhere to be found on the map! See the full map below and Happy Easter!

Photo: Instacart
Photo: Instacart

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