Your mom deserves a meal you didn't wait until the last minute to order in. She deserves a great dining experience no matter her taste in food. Maybe that mom, is you? You might want to drop these hints to the kids or significant other.

The Best Mother's Day Meal Depends on Your Mom.

Chances are your mom (or you) will fall into one of these six dining experience categories:

  • "Laid back, nothing fancy."
  • "Let's try that new place. I hear it's good. If it sucks, we'll have Hot Pockets back at your place."
  • "I don't care where we go as long as I'm spending time with you."
  • "Let's get a mimosa and talk about what (insert name here) did. You won't believe it."
  • "I spent 3,000,022 hours in labor with you... you can take me for a decent meal, dammit."
  • "Let's do a fancy place."

Mom's right, no matter what.

Where to Get Genesee County's Best Mother's Day Brunches and Meals

For the "choosing-the-right-place" challenged folks... Pro-Tip: Start by ask yourself "which of the above best describes my mom?" (If you're a mom trying to gently give someone the hint... ask yourself that question, too. We're not mind readers haha.)

It's important to know, you're not more than 20 minutes from your favorite restaurant, a new spot or a legendary place in Genesee County you've completely forgotten about. These places are sure to please. Fantastic service, food and mimosas to boot. No matter what, call ahead sooner rather than later. Some spots will want a reservation because it's a very busy day.

To all of our moms -- thanks for always being there for us. After all, we've never known a time without you.

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