It's one of those stories that kids tell when they are trying to scare their friends. The big house with the large gates keeping everyone must be haunted have some sinister past, and everyone wants to take a look inside. Anyone who travels down Belsay Road in Grand Blanc has passed by the large stately home with the big gates, and lately, those gates have been open.

As much as a mystery the home, and its former owner, have been for years, the sudden flurry of activity at the famous Auker Mansion in Grand Blanc has everyone searching for details. Well, let us solve the mystery, and maybe add a little at the same time.

Growing up in Grand Blanc, Corey Cunningham and Chelsie Welch drove by the iconic home almost every single day. Now the Grand Blanc High alums have taken on the task of renovating the majestic property and making the something special once again. The duo, which owns Cruwood Home, purchased the estate on September 15th, 2023, and immediately got to work making a dream project a reality.

The couple tried once before in 2020 to secure the property knowing the potential it held. When that fell through, they continued with other renovation projects through their company always keeping "the one" in the back of their mind. Finally, the whole thing fell together and the remake is underway, with surprises around every corner. What was once a showpiece property would finally get the love and attention it deserved.

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The couple is hands-on with the undertaking as they are both general contractors, so they are right there for the day-to-day tear-downs and discoveries. Much of the original owner's, builder, and developer Eldon Auker, collections and furniture remained in the home when it was sold.

"I think initially what blew us away the most was the overwhelming size and detail of the house. You could honestly spend hours walking through it and still miss some of the incredible details this place has", Welch told us. "One of the biggest surprises was the wine cellar full of imported wine and champagne from the 1980’s".

Resurrecting the mansion has been a labor of love with twists and turns at every corner. Welch & Cunningham have had to put in a lot of new plumbing as well as a complete rebuild of the existing electrical system. since the old digital system is from the 70s/80s and is now considered outdated and incompatible with newer technology like LEDs.

The 3000 square foot bedroom with the massive tub in the center is getting the full-on star treatment when it comes to a make-over. Cunningham told us it may become a ballroom or even an indoor pickleball court.

"Structurally, we did have to add a lot of beams and reframe quite a few sections of the house to fix some issues we knew about and, like any project on an older house, some we found along the way. The good news is, it's rock solid now", Welch mentioned

The journey to a sort of "rebirth" of the famous home is sure to be incredible.  In addition to the home, the outlying buildings and property will also be redone. As for after the project is complete...the couple will say goodbye to the house when they put it up for sale later this year. They will also do another estate sale to move many of the items left behind. Most are currently for sale as well.

We were lucky to take a private tour of the renovations and what the inside still looks like. Take a look below. The couple is also documenting the progress of the project on the Cruwood Home Facebook too.

Inside the Revival of the Iconic Auker Mansion in Grand Blanc

A couple who grew up passing by the legendary Auker estate each day has now taken on the task of renovating the majestic property and making the something special once again. Resurrecting the mansion has been a labor of love with twists and turns at every corner. From the deconstruction of the 3000-square-foot bedroom to the multitude of updates, the project is nothing short of a full-on labor of love. Take a look inside!

Gallery Credit: LM TSM Flint

A Nostalgic Look Back Inside the Infamous Auker Mansion of Grand Blanc

The big house with the large gates on Belsay Road in Grand Blanc, Michigan has been as mysterious as the man who built the massive 14,000+ square foot home that resembled more of a palace than a Midwest home. The late builder Eldon Auker was known for his creativity and flamboyance on some levels, his mansion reflected every bit of that. With its 20 foot ceilings, majestic staircase, and a 3000 square foot bedroom, the home was a showplace. Sold in 2020, it's hard to know if changes were made to the once amazing estate, but it's exciting to be able to take a little look back in time to what once was.

Gallery Credit: Zillow