Another month has passed and a whole lot of Flint and Genesee County, Michigan restaurants did not glean anything from last month's inspections.

Three critical and common violations kept most restaurants off the "perfect inspection" list:

  • Flies and pest control - from bars, dirty kitchens and dirty bathrooms flies and gnats are a problem at many popular restaurants.
  • Overhead ventilation systems over grills/ovens - many are not cleaned or well-maintained.
  • Dirty kitchens - again this month, grease build-up, piles of "crusted" food particles and leftover debris.

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Perfect September Genesee County Restaurant Inspections

Burton 1 out of 7 restaurant inspections

  • Sabor Street Tacos & More 4021 E Atherton RD

Clio 2 out of 3 inspections

  • The Brew Box 9048 Forrest Pine DR
  • CoCoMo Bubble Tea 13100 N Lewis RD

Davison 4 out of 8 inspections

  • Subway of Davison 1094 S State Rd
  • Elviras Mexican Foods 210 W Second St
  • Tropical Smoothie Café 703 S State
  • Applebee's 10030 Lapeer Rd
Cleaning Tables, Credit: Canva
Cleaning Tables, Credit: Canva

Fenton 4 out of 11 inspections

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken 3180 Owen Rd
  • Thai House Bistro 3401 Owen RD Suite 500
  • Fenton Lanes 3014 Thompson Rd
  • Frank's Hoppy Bistro 3235 Thompson Rd

Flint 32 out of 66 inspections

  • World Class BBQ 5101 N Saginaw St
  • Taco Bell 4903 Fenton Rd
  • Starbuck's Coffee 3822 E Court St
  • Lotus Room 6004 Torrey Rd Suite H
  • CoCoMo Bubble Tea 5534 Richfield RD Ste A
  • Chick-Fil-A 3140 Miller RD
  • Rollhaven Skating Center G-5315 S Saginaw
  • The Machine Shop 3539 S Dort HWY
  • Qdoba Mexican Eats 2415 Austin PKWY
  • Hungry Howie's 4020 Richfield Rd
  • New Gourmet Wok 1358 Bristol Rd
  • Da Red Wagon 1338 W Bristol Rd
  • Da Red Wagon Express G-3061 Flushing RD
  • YaYas 4372 W Pierson Rd
  • Krispy Krunchy Chicken 1916 Davison RD
  • Biggby Coffee 615 S Saginaw St
  • Wah Nam Restaurant G-4492 Richfield Rd
  • Subway #65444 (inside GM Flint Assembly Plant) G-3100 Van Slyke
  • Domino's 4402 Fenton Rd
  • Coffee Beanery 1401 E Court (MCC Prahl Center) St
  • Subway 303 S Saginaw St
  • Steady Eddy's Market Café 300 E First St
  • Scoop Full of Sweetness 300 E First St
  • Stine's BBQ 2810 E Pierson Rd
  • Pop Rox 130 E 2nd St
  • Mr. Prince Gourmet 722 Loyola DR
  • Biggby 2410 W Hill RD
  • Smoke Rattle & Roll 303 E Kearsley St
  • Maudes Alabama BBQ 2602 Davison RD
  • Long John Silvers 3470 S Linden Rd
  • Krispy Krunchy Chicken 1102 N Ballenger HWY
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill 4485 Miller RD

Flushing 5 out of 8 inspections

  • Squeeze The Day 137 E Main St
  • Evers and Ollie 124 S Cherry St
  • McDonald's 6460 Pierson Rd
  • Bella Birches Catering 606 McKinley Rd
  • Teta's Grill 6429 W Pierson RD

Goodrich 0 out of 0 inspections

Clean Kitchen Ventilation System, Credit: Canva
Clean Kitchen Ventilation System or "Grease Traps," Credit: Canva

Grand Blanc 5 out of 8 inspections

  • Taboon Middle Eastern Cuisine 8235 Trillium Circle AVE
  • Panera Bread 6224 Saginaw Rd
  • Detroit Wing Company 6331 S Saginaw St
  • Dean Enterprises 1101 E Cook RD
  • MI Poke 6230 S Saginaw

Linden 0 out of 0 inspections

Montrose 3 out of 3 inspections

  • Buzy Dog 11101 McKinley RD
  • White's Street Side Tavern 111 W State St
  • McDonald's 249 E State St

Mt. Morris 4 out of 5 inspections

  • Cone-Appetit 10240 N Vassar RD
  • El Potrero 8284 N Saginaw St
  • McDonald's G-7252 N Saginaw
  • Big Brutus 7352 N Dort

Otisville 0 out of 0 inspections

Swartz Creek 1 out of 3 inspections

  • Arby's 4246 Elms Rd

The 61 restaurants that received a perfect scorecard, in September, have trained employees to properly handle food, clean facilities and serve customers with a smile.

We thank them for a job well done.

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