If you've been driving by construction barrels on Hill Road near the southbound US-23 entrance ramp and wondering "why are these still sitting here... they aren't doing anything." You're not alone.  Leaving Meijer after my weekly grocery trip, I've thought the same thing.  The sign is telling us to move, but there hasn't been any activity in months.

The barrels were placed earlier in spring of 2022 after a City of Flint truck hit the bridge.  There never was a comment from the city about the circumstances around the incident.  According to ABC12, at the time, an emergency construction crew fixed the bridge in a matter of hours to prevent crazy traffic back-ups.

After months of inactivity, the Michigan Department of Transportation says that's about to change.  Squeezing in one more important project before winter.

Expect various closures on Northbound US-23 in the next few weeks:

  • One lane of Northbound US-23 will be closed on Thursday November 3rd
  • Full closure of Northbound US-23 at 10pm Friday November 4th.
  • Northbound US-23 re-opens with one lane Monday November 7th at 5am.

There may be some lane restrictions on Hill Road as crews work, but any interruption to traffic would be minimal.  MDOT plans to have the project finished up by Tuesday November 22nd... just before Thanksgiving, thankfully.

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Make plans for alternate routes and a little more traffic on neighborhood streets so you're not late.  Since it's almost Thanksgiving -- let's also be grateful it's not a round-about construction project.

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