Updated: If you've been driving by construction barrels on Hill Road near the southbound US-23 entrance ramp and wondering "why are these here again?" You're not alone.  Leaving Meijer after my weekly grocery trip, I've thought the same thing.

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The barrels were initially placed in the spring of 2022 after a City of Flint truck hit the bridge.  There never was a comment from the city about the circumstances around the incident.  According to ABC12, at the time, an emergency construction crew fixed the bridge in a matter of hours to prevent crazy traffic back-ups.

Michigan Department of Transportation will finish steel repairs for the bridge. The following lane closures are to be expected starting May 15:

  • One lane of US-23 Northbound will close
  • Hill Road will be reduced to one lane according to Genesee County Road Commission's update May 11, 2023.

GCRC notes to plan ahead to reach your destinations on time. It's probably easier to find an alternate route as that area tends to get congested under normal circumstances. MDOT plans to have the project finished up by May 25th, ahead of heavy Memorial Day Weekend "Up North" traffic.

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Let's be grateful it's not a round-about construction project. For a complete list of expected Genesee County 2023 road construction projects visit here and here. If construction traffic stresses you out, keep in mind one of Michigan's most serene, relaxing places is only a 30-minute drive from Flint.

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