I feel like they took away years of family memories one Christmas tree at a time. A family favorite for years in Grand Blanc, Trim Pines Farms is no more, and industry has taken over.

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Many will remember the 80-acre family-run farm being the favorite for family outings to find that perfect Christmas tree each year. We would take our kids out every year to cut down our tree and enjoy all the extras such as the Santa hayride, reindeer, and hot cocoa.

In 2019 the farm was still selling Christmas trees by appointment according to their Facebook page. In a 2020 statement on the page, the farm indicated things may be changing.

"We continue to sell trees, But not while corona is active, so we did not sell Christmas Trees in 2020. We are quite sure we will be open for 2021. Of course, the land is for sale, but it often takes several years to sell a farm!"

Unfortunately for fans of the farm, it didn't take long and the farm, which was also a tree nursery, went idle.

About a year or so ago, when the farm was still for sale, I stopped by and snapped a few pictures that just broke my heart. The abandoned Christmas tree farm that was once alive with the laughter and smiles of kids of all ages was a nature ghost town.

Photo: Lisa Marie TSM
Photo: Lisa Marie TSM 2020

What's Being Built On Site of Former Grand Blanc Christmas Tree Farm?

In November of 2021, the Grand Blanc Township Planning Commission approved a preliminary site plan for the first project on the former Trim Pines Tree Farm property. Fessler & Bowman, a concrete company based in Flushing, announced plans to build its 80,000-square-foot headquarters building on 28 acres located at the north end of the farm.

At the time plans were already in the works to redo Baldwin road which would make the new location more accessible to heavier traffic. It was also noted that Fessler & Bowman planned to move some of the trees to residential locations and do its best to save as many of the trees as possible.

I stopped by to see the progress and there are quite a few trees lining the area close to the expressway. Buried amongst the trees is the original Trim Pines Farms sign looking weathered and faded. Aside from that, there's not much left of the holiday farm that brought so much joy to the area for years.

Posted now at what was the entrance to the Christmas tree farm is a sign that reads "Grand Blanc Enterprise Park". Take a look below at the changes in progress.

What's Replacing Grand Blanc's Favorite Christmas Tree Farm

The former Trim Pines Farm, a favorite spot for families to cut down their own Christmas trees each year, has been sold and major changes are underway. The property will now serve as headquarters for a Flushing-based company as well as other businesses in the future.

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