Saginaw folks have probably heard of John R. Burt. He started Tri-City Vinyl in the 1970s after being in the swimming pool business. He simply thought pool liners should be sturdier instead of tearing so easily. He made them so.

According to the Duro-Last website, Burt thought if his product could keep water in a pool, surely it could keep water out of something, too... Like a roof.

Who purchased Duro-Last Roofing System Company in Saginaw, MI?

A cement maker based in Switzerland; Holcim Ltd. is buying Duro-Last Roofing for nearly $1.3 billion. Crain's Detroit Business reports Duro-Last makes a little more than half a billion dollars, annually.

What makes Duro-Last Roofing company so valuable?

  • The construction industry in the US is always in demand -- even in slower economic times, they're still working hard. The Roofing Industry is on track to pull in over $50 billion in 2023. It's a lucrative industry.
  • Furthermore, the roofing provided by Duro-Last is custom-made in their facility.
  • They clearly state on their website that is what saves people a bunch of money when it comes to labor...
  • It's easier to maintain because it's mostly assembled in their factory, somewhat seamless, versus what we know as a usual roof install.
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If you're in the roofing or construction industry, you can see why the Swiss want this in their arsenal of tools. Kudos to Mr. Burt for taking his small business to new heights throughout its time -- and now, internationally. Love to see businesses in Michigan setting the gold standard, so to speak.

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