It's without a doubt one of the biggest questions asked every holiday season...will we have a White Christmas? Somehow waking up to the fluffy white stuff on Christmas morning just seems to make everything more magical. So how is 2022 looking for having a winter wonderland? For that, we need to turn to the experts.

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Last week the National Weather Service (NWS) released an interactive map showing data based on the historic probability for having what's considered a White Christmas. The date is based on there being at least 1 inch of snow on the ground at weather stations across the United States on December 25 based on the latest data assessed (1991-2020).

Will Genesee County Have a White Christmas?

The NWS is predicting that Genesee County along with the entire state of Michigan has a pretty good chance of seeing some of the white stuff on the ground for Christmas this year. Although the NWS will need that full inch to actually count, most of us will take a dusting on the lawn to satisfy our White Christmas desires, and we have a really good chance of that being the case.

According to the map, the Genesee County area has a 50%-60% chance of having a White Christmas by 7 am on December 25th. If you plan on heading "over the river and through the snow" on Christmas, your chances for snow will increase as you head west and north. For other areas across Michigan, the chances look like this:

Grand Rapids: 60%-75% chance

Detroit: 25%-40% chance

Traverse City: 75%-90% chance

Lansing: 50%-60% chance

Marquette: 90%-100% chance

Photo: National Weather Service
Photo: National Weather Service

Keep in mind, this is Michigan, and we all know how quickly a forecast can change. Updates to the map will be a bit more precise the closer we get to Christmas.

We all know Santa can navigate the sleigh with or without a snowy landing, but let's just cross our fingers for a nice coating of snow just to make the trip a little smoother for the Big Guy.

Here's a look at the rest of the country's chance for a White Christmas this year.

10 Snowiest Cities In Michigan

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