J. Cole followed up his trippy video for "ATM" with "Kevin's Heart," both from his recently released, acclaimed album, KOD.

Directed by J. Cole and Scott Lazer, the clip stars actor/comedian Kevin Hart and follows him running errands while dealing with fame—namely everyone having an opinion about his personal business. We all remember Kevin's real-life cheating scandal from last year. The video aims to examine it and also impart a broader message about ego, vanity, fame and temporary satisfaction that often leads to long-term negative consequences.

And in case you somehow missed the message, the video ends with "Choose Wisely" literally written in the sky.

"All a nigga know is how to fuck a good thing up/Run from the pain, sip lean, smoke tree up," Cole raps on the first verse before rapping, "I'm a fake nigga and it's never been clearer/Can't see myself when I look in the mirror" on the bridge."

In the end, Cole knows you can't do dirt without eventually being found out.

"They tell me What's done in the dark/Will find a way to shine/ done did so much that when you see you might go blind," he confesses.

Already, KOD is being considered to be among the best releases of 2018, hailed for its cultural relevancy. It's also broken both Apple and Spotify streaming records and is set to be the #1 album on the Billboard 200 when the numbers are officially announced.

You can check the "Kevin's Heart" video above.


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