Youtube[/caption]Roc Nation artist and producer J.Cole recently took center stage at Harvard University students, spreading his knowledge and road to success experiences en route to 'The Next Move' on Tuesday as part of a speaker's series.

While Sharing thoughts on early influences such as Tupac, Michael Jackson, and even Bobby Brown or aspirations to be a NBA Superstar, J. Cole paints a picture vivid enough for any one chasing a dream.

In this three part miniseries J. Cole not only informs of what he lived and learned, he expresses an embodiment of the ultimate success story.

Rags to Riches or not, this is a lecture you do not want to sleep on.

Think of it like this: young 20 something year old rapper- Roc Nation rapper to be exact with no college degree, SPEAKS AT HARVARD to some of the most elite scholars in the world.

Don't you care to know how he got at this point?