J Cole kicked off his 'Cole World Tour' last night in Toronto and from the Twitter conversation that followed, it sounded like a crazy night!

Apparantly at some point during the concert a girl was close enough to Cole to reach into his pocket and steal his phone.  Luckily Cole has been filming the entire road trip for his 'Cole Summer' video series and he was able to see who did it.

What Cole did next is not only genius, but it was actually kind-hearted too.  Check out his Twitter time line, and a couple of performances from the show.

J Cole Twitter

If you have not checked out the videos of Cole on the road yet, watch a couple of them here.  Let's hope that when J Cole comes to the Royal Oak Music Theater he'll be able to keep his phone in his pants.  Club 93.7 will have tickets and your chance to meet J Cole in Royal Oak too!

Check out a couple of the performances from the Vancouver show, and see if you can find the girl in the white shirt and pink bra.


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