Ja Rule can't catch a break, and now the IRS is on him for back taxes totaling $2 million dollars. And you know 50 Cent has something to say. 

There are two things you can't escape in life and that's death and taxes. Both need to be paid and eventually, both will catch up with you. The IRS is making sure that one of those things get paid up before the other one comes.

So from the details, Ja Rule owes taxes from the years 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 to the tune of $2 million. If I know anything about taxes it’s that you pay them asap or they will come back heavier and eventually with a warrant. Ask Wesley Snipes.

50 Cent relished the opportunity to get a shot in at his old rival. He's so petty, but his laugh is pretty contagious.

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