The third round of stimulus checks are coming, and the IRS wants to help you track your check.

Every time there is a stimulus payment of any kind coming from the government, the number one question is, "When am I getting my check?" The IRS has heard your questions a lot over the last year, and this year they are ready to help you. The IRS has introduced the Get My Payment tool that will tell you exactly when you are getting your stimulus check.

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The IRS isn't just trying to help you track your check, they also have information available for you to find out exactly how much you'll get back. You can create an account with the IRS to get more information. There are also many chance for you to get your questions answered through the IRS FAQ page.

The majority of people will be getting $1,400 check but there are other payment levels depending on household income among other factors.

I don't claim to be a tax expert, but I do know that there are going to be some tax details to deal with after this last round. The IRS has decided to just use the last tax return on file for people in the name of speed. Rather than waiting for everyone to file their 2020 return to send out checks, the IRS is opting to just clean up the details later.

This is great news for those of us waiting anxiously for our checks, but keep in mind that there will be some tax issues toe deal with in the next year.

Hopefully your stimulus check will be coming soon, most of the people I've talked to in the office are getting theirs on St Patrick's Day.


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