Jaden Smith has already offered up help for the Flint Water Crisis, and is now doubling up with a filtration solution.

Back in March Jaden and his dad Will Smith used their newly founded water company 'JUST.' The pair donated nearly 10,000 bottles of water to help with spiked lead levels that showed up in a few Flint schools. Now Jaden is back with a more permanent solution.

Jaden Smith was speaking at a WeWork session when he announced that he would be introducing a new reverse osmosis water filtration system to Flint. At the session Jaden touched briefly on his plan saying;

We’re running a pilot program in Flint, Michigan, where we are putting in a reverse osmosis filtration system that is going to be able to purify 10 gallons of water every 60 seconds. In Flint, they continue to use 3 million bottles of water every year. Instead of having to outsource (all that water), we said, ‘let’s create something for you here where you can pump your own clean water, in your community.’ I’d been seeing them struggle for so long, and I asked ‘why isn’t someone doing something about this


There are no specifics about the initiative yet, but it is known that the JUST company will be spearheading the project.

With the effort from Smith, and the continued support of celebrities like Elon Musk, Flint has some powerful supporters.

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