Jalen Rose never shys away from showing love to artists from his home city of Detroit, and on an episode of Jalen & Jacoby, he gave a shout out to Tee Grizzley and Doughboyz Cashout. The ESPN host brings up Tee after seeing a tweet of his showing love to the network, which leads him to explain to viewers why they need to check him out.

Not only does Rose shout out Motor City, but he also name-drops famous Detroit artists like Eminem, Royce 5'9" and Big Sean. He then turns his attention to the My Moment rapper, mentioning his smash hit record, "First Day Out," which has already been even more popularized thanks to a viral video from LeBron James. He then finishes off by saying that the Detroit hip-hop collective Doughboyz Cashout is "next."

"Detroit, stand up," Jalen exclaims. "You guys know about Em. Y'all know about Nickel 9. Y'all know about Big Sean. It's Tee Grizzley's turn. Stand up! 'First Day Out,' check it out. Detroit, check it out. Doughboyz Cashout is next." Jalen even shouted out the legendary Blade Icewood too.

It's been a monumental year for Grizzley, as his hit single has not only gotten love from LeBron, but also JAY-Z, who named him in his list of inspiring artists on Twitter last month.

See Jalen Rose shout out Tee Grizzley and DBC in the ESPN broadcast below.

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