James Holmes was hit with a total of 142 charges Monday and only said one word the entire time, which was 'Yes'.

James Holmes is the sick indiviual behind the Aurora Shooting that happened during the midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises. Hopefully the judge will bury this guy alive in the middle of the desert.

Prosecutors on Monday charged James Holmes with two dozen counts of first-degree murder and more than 100 other violent offenses related to the recent deadly rampage at a Colorado movie theater.

Holmes, who appeared in court with the same cartoonish orange-red hair he had at the time of the shooting, said only one word during Monday's hearing.

"Yes," he answered when asked by the judge if he waived his right to a preliminary hearing within 35 days.

Police say Holmes, 24, blasted his way through a packed movie house during a premiere showing of Batman "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora.

Twelve victims died in the attack, 58 others were wounded. The melee is among the worst mass shootings in modern-day American history. Prosecutors filed a total of 142 criminal charges against him, including 116 counts of attempted murder. The 24 murder counts reflect dual charges (premeditated and without remorse) by the prosecutors.