Joe Budden battling CyHi The Prynce has been a topic of discussion since the two rappers went head-to-head on Twitter back in October, but the idea never seemed to be a reality as Budden has retired from rap to focus on his podcast career. However, it seems like that could change in the near future, based on Budden's recent comments.

"I don't think CyHi is nowhere near the MC I am," Budden said on the latest episode of his podcast, posted on YouTube on Monday (Jan. 14). "I don't think CyHi want any type of smoke with me."

When his co-hosts challenged that idea, Budden responded, "I think he thinks that! I think he thinks that."

As the conversation escalated, Budden got passionate and was soon yelling as he insinuated he'd get out of retirement should CyHi decide to really go against him on wax.

"Hey, any of you rappers, it's still Joe! Put the fucking record out and say what you gotta say!" he shouted. "Don't talk about it, my nigga! I'm here! I'm not scared of not none of these rappers! CyHi don't want no fucking Joe Budden smoke. When Joe gets some time and if he put a record out, that'll be the end of him!"

Budden concludes the conversation by saying that he'll put the No Dope on Sundays rapper "in the ground" following his upcoming two-month podcast hiatus.

The beef stems from a Joe Budden Podcast episode in 2018, on which he called out CyHi for tweeting about Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music roll-out that he wasn't part of, to which CyHi responded during an appearance at the 2018 A3C Festival & Conference by challenging Budden to a $500,000 battle.

Budden laughed off the challenge on his next podcast, saying, "I don’t think that CyHi has $500,000 of disposable income," and a Twitter exchange went on from there, with CyHi saying he'd beat Budden if it really happened. Budden later dismissed the entire ordeal, referring back to his retirement.

Watch Joe Budden discuss CyHi The Prynce on his latest podcast below.

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