Joe's Crab Shack have officially closed all of their Michigan locations, but the big question remains; where are all the sharks going to end up?

Mlive reported that the location in Ann Arbor made no special announcement when they closed.  There was simply a sign on the door that read, "Closed for business."

The Crab Shack closest to us in Auburn Hills quietly closed down recently as well. The company, Ignite Restaurant Group, filed for bankruptcy early in the year. Then announced that the chains would be sold in June.

Besides not being able to pay too much for your seafood dinner, this also means that you'll no longer be able to take pictures with the huge shark inside.

Is anyone surprised that Joe's went out of business?  I doubt it.

Money is tight for everyone now, and people are having a hard time spending a weeks worth of grocery money in one sitting.

One thing that I would be willing to drop a few hundred on, is the shark.  What is going to happen to the giant sharks that hung from the ceiling of all the Joe's Crab Shacks?

If you have any idea where the sharks are headed, please leave a comment below.  We could all chip in and then ship the shark from house to house for a week at a time.

I can't believe we didn't think of this earlier.

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