Jon Connor dropped the video for 'Black' on Juneteenth, and the visuals make the lyrical message even more impactful.

Connor released S.O.S. earlier this year, but with the Coronavirus pandemic taking center stage, it seems to have gotten lost in the mix. The album is full of dope tracks, but none of them seem to match what his fans are feeling right now better than 'Black.'

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It's fitting that Connor chose Juneteenth to release the video for Black considering the topics addressed. The racial injustices that we are all fighting against right now are at the center of the message. I also love the fact that Connor hit twitter to shine a light on Sister Tour.

Jon has always been a great rapper, but on Black he puts his lyrical ability into an even higher purpose. He talks about the struggles and misconceptions that surround being a person of color in America right now.

One of the lines that stands out to me the most deals with a topic that has created a huge divide in America right now. The debate over the Black Lives Matter has become so heated that I wonder if the other side will ever understand. Jon puts it as simply as possible in the song saying,

It don't mean I hate you when I uplift my people

This is a simple, direct concept that the "All Lives Matter" crowd cannot seem to grasp (and yes those are sarcastic quotes around all lives matter).

Just before that line, Connor shows people of color as Doctors, Astronauts, Teachers, and more while he raps about the fact that we are more than just the stereotypes given to us.

I've been a Connor fan since he started, and I've always maintained that The Calling Pt 2 was his best project, but that is starting to change. Black is turning into such an impactful record, that it is starting to carve out it's spot at the top of my list.

Take some time and listen to the track today, then listen again.


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