Jon Connor dropped some unique visuals for his new track 'Beautiful' today.

The song is a definite change of pace from the last single that Connor dropped 'Black'. This time around Connor is paying tribute to all women, reinforcing that all women have something that makes them beautiful. The song features Mr Mikey singing the hook, but the video is what makes this most unique.

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Connor has been getting more and more creative with his video production, which only helps his outstanding lyrical ability. The video Black is another example of the work Connor is putting into expanding his music through visuals.

The Beautiful video features Connor fans singing along with the hook on their socials. The concept is fairly simple, but I love how it reinforces the message that the song is putting forward.

The song helps to get rid of the narrative that women face every single minute of every single day, that you have to try and look like someone or something else to be beautiful. The fact is that every woman has something unique to them that makes them beautiful. That's why it's so cool that the video features all types of women. There are different races, ages, sizes and each of the women featured has their own type of beauty.

I have an 11 year old daughter, and I try to reinforce to her every day that there is no traditional definition of beauty. I love that this message is starting to make it's way into the mainstream so hopefully the pressure to change just to fit into a made up construct of beauty will end for good.

Nice work Jon.



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