Jon Connor fans have been wondering why 'Vehicle City' has not been released, Connor may have answered the question.

A post on Connor's Instagram page from early October has his fans thinking that Aftermath might be the problem. Things started when Connor re-posted a video from IG user StupidKaKashi of Connor rapping.

Connor must have agreed with the comment about being shelved, because he was pretty direct with his reply.


I don't want to be the one to jump to conclusions, but everyone assumed that the shackles are a reference to Aftermath.

Connor then re-posted the video with the message, "Love to my true fans. No I really mean that I LOVE YALL!"  That's when other fans started to chime in about the delay on 'Vehicle City'.

If Connor had second thoughts about his shackles comment on the earlier post, he didn't let that stop him from saying it again.


When more fans asked Connor directly about the future of 'Vehicle City' he left no doubt about what would become of the album that was supposed to be his Aftermath debut.



The back and forth ended when fans started asking Connor if he was still with Dre and Aftermath.

This is insane! I've personally heard the album. I know people that have the complete album on a thumb drive right now. How can it just be gone, never to be released?

What happened here?

This is such a hard thing to grasp for me. How can something so good turn into something like this?

We have always shown Connor love from the very first time we played his music on Club 93.7. We are among the thousands of fans from Flint that were beyond proud of him when he signed to Aftermath. Now we are all wondering the same thing.

I did reach out to Jon about the situation, but have not heard anything back yet. I just hope that the five years he has spent working with Dre and Aftermath won't be completely scrapped. I hope he is able to release new music, and get the promotion he deserves.

Check out the last time Connor was in studio talking about his upcoming album below.

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