Flint has been the bright spot in the country during the George Floyd protests, and that community attitude continues today in Downtown Flint.

The clashes and destruction that have ravaged the country in the wake of George Floyd's murder at the hands of Minneapolis Police have been devastating. The continuing footage of protests turning violent seems to be nonstop. Flint broke the mold when police put down their riot gear, and marched with the protesters on Saturday.

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The pics and videos of police and the Flint community marching together have become nationwide news. This really has been one of the moments where it feels like positive change might be possible.

The real work starts now. 

The path towards change has been set, but we are a very long way from the changes we need to see. Walking together is a great start, now we need to make sure it turns into an everyday event.

Voices that have been squashed due to the skin color of the speaker must be heard now. Not just in the streets through protests, but at every level of our community and government. It is truly sad that so many deaths, and so much destruction have to happen to make us all realize that change is necessary.

More of that work will be happening today in Downtown Flint at the Justice For George Rally. The rally is starting at 4pm at Flint City Hall, and will feature many high profile speakers. The Facebook Event page describes the event.

This will be purposeful and peaceful, suitable for all ages. Bring your signs and be prepared to stand (or bring a chair if you wish.)  Please respect social distance and keep at least 6 feet away from others. Please wear a mask. Please ensure all signs are non-exploitative and support our social justice values.

Speakers at the event will include:

Mayor Sheldon Neeley
Dr. Abdul El Sayed
LaShaya Darisaw
Elizabeth Jordan
Dominique Williams
Nayyirah Shariff

We were lucky to have one of the organizers in studio this morning to talk about the rally. Here is the audio from our talk with Lashaya this morning.


You can get more information about the event on the Facebook Event Page here.


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