Kanye West made headlines over the weekend after he tweeted his support for controversial right-wing YouTube star, Candace Owens. Many fans considered the rapper "canceled" after the tweet, especially after Ye showed his support for Donald Trump at Trump Tower in 2016.

On Sunday, after HOT 97's Ebro Darden posted an Instagram post stating he knows why the Carters and the Wests don't have "play dates," he had a 30-minute phone call with West about his current "out of touch" rhetoric. On Monday morning's Ebro in the Morning, Ebro revealed some of the things Kanye said during their conversation:

Kanye wants to "deprogram" the way people think.  Reportedly West told Ebro that he liked the way Owens thinks because she challenges "conventional black thought." Kanye claims that he wants to change the way people think because he feels as the current way of thinking is making people " self-victims."  He also believes he's being "demonized" for challenging the "conventional thought process."

Kanye believes no one "showed him love" when he was hospitalized in 2016 for opiates addiction and mental health reasons. - Ebro debunked this theory explaining how people publically sent him well wishes, and also tried to reach out to him through Pusha T and his, wife Kim Kardashian-West.

West also told Ebro that he loves Donald Trump mainly for taking a meeting with him about the current state of gun violence in Chicago. West told Ebro that he tried several times to reach out to former President Obama for a meeting to no avail, Ebro in the Morning co-host Peter Rosenberg stated that he believed Kanye was still harboring hard feelings towards Obama  called West a "jackass" in 2009 and 2012 for his infamous "George Bush doesn't care about black people" outburst during a televised Hurricane Katrina telethon.

If this is a ploy to promoting his new projects, it is backfiring for sure.

Watch the full discussion below.

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