When you think about collaborations, Kanye West and Prince are not the first two people that come to mind.  When you think about it though, these two have a lot more in common than expected (I'll get into the similarities a little later).

Both Kanye and his Purpleness were in Sweden for the "Way Out Festival".  Prince was on stage, heels and all, when he invited Kanye up to do a version of 'If I Was Your Girlfriend'.

The chemistry on stage was pretty obvious and it really got me thinking about how alike these two music giants really are.- Both men grew up in the Great Lakes region

- They both have been romantically linked to "dancers"

- They have both shared the Best Dressed honor in GQ

Sure Kanye has never changed his name to an abstract symbol, but his career is not over yet.  Check out the two on stage and judge for yourself.


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