Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon where, for example, a person may feel he or she can taste color. In a new interview with Surface Magazine, Kanye West claims he can visualize sound. He also believes his synesthesia is similar to something you would see in a comic book.

"I have synesthesia—I see sound," he said. "And I actually have paintings and drawings from high school where I was trying to show what the sounds in front of me looked like."

Kanye compares his gift to the mutant powers of the X-Men. He says he didn't even know it was synesthesia until 2012, when he was making the Cruel Summer compilation.

"I think it’s my mutant handicap," he said. "All X-Men have a little handicap that helps them become X-Men. I didn’t know the term synesthesia until I was working on Cruel Summer. Halfway into writing that, I really understood that my entire life I had been trying to describe this condition of mine: through painting, through this seven-screen Surround Vision film we shot in Qatar, through all these things."

cancelled the remaining 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour. The cancellation was announced after some bizarre shows where 'Ye pledged his
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