Kate Upton and Justin Verlander sitting together at a hockey game shouldn't be a big deal, but they do have a history, and Kate is just so . . . well you know.

Verlander was in Philadelphia after having surgery when Twitter user dyl caught the two sitting together.  Instead of standing up and getting a good picture, he decided to use the guy sitting next to him for cover.

I know that nobody wants to be "that guy" . . . but COME ON!  IT'S KATE UPTON!

She's gotta be used to people taking her picture by now! I mean she can do this!

So now everyone will be asking one question, "Are they together?"

The answer . . . who cares, you're probably not even reading this anyway.  You're just staring at that picture AREN'T YOU!

They are probably just going to say they are "Just Friends" and leave it at that, besides Kate already has a sports boyfriend.