Justin Verlander got a little emotional as he watched the Tigers pay tribute to his career in Detroit.

It's hard to see Verlander in anything but a Tigers uniform for me. He was the heart and soul of Detroit for so long, and it was tough to see him move on.

I hoped that fans would show him the respect he deserved when he finally came back to throw in Comerica Park. The Tigers organization took care of that though with the heartfelt tribute video.

There was only one problem though . . . what seems wrong with this picture?

FSD via YouTube
FSD via YouTube

Can you see it? There was hardly anyone at the game! Sure, there are always going to be empty seats, and it wasn't the warmest day out but still!

It was a tribute day for JV, and tickets were only $7!

You read that right, tickets were $7.

I know people who had only gone to Detroit to tailgate for the Lions Monday Night Football game who bought tickets to watch a couple of innings because they were so cheap.

The Tigers have been bad this year, and that's the main reason the stands were empty, but they definitely nailed the tribute video. I can only hope that when JV goes into the hall of fame, it will be with a Tigers uniform on.

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