Justin Verlander and his wife Kate Upton don't live in Michigan anymore, but they're still helping healthcare workers in Detroit during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The two have spearheaded efforts to help hospitals in Houston, where Verlander plays, over the last couple of weeks. They took to Twitter to announce that they were going to extend the efforts to the Detroit area.

We all know that both Justin and Kate have strong ties to Michigan, so it's nice to see them work to give back.

The couple will be teaming up with local organizations to provide much needed PPE supplies to healthcare facilities in the Detroit metro area. The shortage of these supplies has been called out very publicly in the news since the Coronavirus pandemic hit Michigan hard.

Now that the social distancing is starting to show positive results, it's more important than ever to make sure the healthcare workers on the front lines can stay safe. This will help to ensure that those that are sick will be able to to recover without spreading the virus further.

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JV has always been one of my all time favorite Tiger players, and it was heartbreaking for everyone when he got traded. It's so good to see that the business side of his trade did not diminish his love for Detroit.


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