Katt Williams is in the news again and when Katt Williams is in the news it is not a good thing. Of course this time it is not a good thing. For some reason Williams is taking his hate towards comedian Kevin Hart. Apparently for some reason Katt Williams recently took a shot at Kevin Hart at a comedy show in Atlanta, Georgia about a week ago.

Then on top of that, today (March 1st) a video was released of Katt Williams inviting Kevin Hart on stage at his comedy show in Philadelphia (Kevin Hart's home town).

Williams then goes on to say, on that stage they can put a basketball court to play one on one, a boxing ring to box, two microphones to engage in a rap cypher, and then the two can tell jokes for a grand total of 5 million dollars.

This is a very weird challenge and I personally believe Katt Williams is just bitter that  he hasn't reached the commercial success of Kevin Hart.

I also feel the two should do a comedy tour together, and that would guarantee more than 5 million dollars for the both of them.

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