As the world awaits the release of the video for Kendrick Lamar's Rihanna-assisted DAMN. single, "Loyalty," a creative collective by the name of Combined Culture has unveiled a short film for "Lust," which is one of the album's best songs. Peep the new film for yourself below.

Following the theme of K. Dot's first "Lust" verse, the film, which was purposely released on Kendrick's birthday on June 17, looks at the life of one Black man who's found himself caught up in the monotony of day-to-day life. The only thing is, in the streets of Compton—or wherever this video happens to take place—monotony can still include things like robbery, ducking gunshots and police.Kendrick, who will be joining Dave Chappelle at Rihanna's 2017 Diamond Ball in September, doesn't appear in the video.

In the beginning of the video, we see the unnamed man going through his daily rituals, and they lineup perfectly with K. Dot's lyrics from his DAMN. cut. "Wake up in the morning, thinkin' 'bout money, kick your feet up/Watch you a comedy, take a shit, then roll some weed up/Go hit you a lick, go fuck on a bitch/Don't go to work today, cop you a fit," goes Kendrick's verse, as we see the film's character waking up to smoke. We'll let you see how the rest of the film plays out for yourself.

Combined Culture began at the University of Oregon at some point two years ago and has grown steadily ever since. Check out more of their stuff for yourself here. Check out their "Lust"-inspired short film below.

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