The city of Baton Rogue continues to endure hardship as they recover from severe flooding that left an estimated 146,00 homes damaged and thirteen confirmed dead. TMZ recently caught Kevin Gates, who is a Baton Rogue native, about the flooding and the rapper is either amused by their questioning or something more because he responds with a smile and a laugh.

The cameraman first asks Gates if he thinks Obama has done a good job responding to the crisis then rephrases, asking how he thinks they should have handled the flood. Gates keeps it short, saying "Shoulda got an ark" before closing the passenger side door and retrieving his keys from the valet. It's not really clear whether he is making light of the situation, the response thus far or the impromptu interview itself.

Gates is known to be a religious man and it seems just as likely that he was laughing at something else altogether, his face not visible until after the question is asked. Gates has addressed recent events such as police shootings in Baton Rogue, the death of Korryn Gaines and the Black Lives Matter movement, so it is somewhat out of character for him to be making light of the current situation.

Watch the video up top and decide for yourself. In recent weeks, Gates has released two tracks, a remix to Icewear Vezzo's "Mook Walken" with OJ Da Juiceman and "Know Better" off the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

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