President Barack Obama hosted his final Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony yesterday, and basically had a liquidation sale on all his most fire Michael Jordan jokes.

One of the things I'll miss most about President Obama is his sense of humor. He's a smart man, who is well-spoken, and can take and/or make a joke when necessary. I can't say the same will be true of his successor, but let's not go there. Most of us will get more than enough of that conversation at the dinner table tomorrow.

At the White House yesterday, Obama awarded his final Presidential Medals of Freedom, which are considered the highest honor a civilian can receive in the U.S. For his final time out, POTUS had quite the list of recipients, which included Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Bill and Melinda Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Bruce Springsteen and Cicely Tyson, just to name a few. Also among the 21 honorees was basketball legend, Michael Jordan.

Obama, being a basketball guy and a Chicago native, is obviously a fan of MJ's work. However, Barry didn't let his nerves get to him when it came time to talk Jordan. In fact, got some pretty good, yet friendly, jabs in at the sports legend by light of his career as an actor and a meme.