Easter isn't too far away and the candy brand Ferrero A.K.A Kinder has just issued a recall on a few of its candy products due to salmonella contamination.

Thankfully this was caught ahead of time before the big easter hunt weekend. Can you imagine a field of sick children throwing up after finding a bunch of easter eggs filled with contaminated candy? That would actually be kinda funny in a dark humor type of way.

Ferrero U.S.A. has voluntarily recalled its Kinder Happy Moments Chocolate Assortment and Kinder Mix Chocolate Treats basket, due to the product possibly being contaminated with Salmonella. Source:NBC25.com

Also, check out the full list by clicking here.

Check the list provided in the link above and if you have any of the products listed either throw them out or return them to the store you purchased them from. To be honest, I've never really tried these types of candies. I've heard of Kinder before and I've walked past it hundreds of times and I still haven't found an urge to try. Mainly because when it comes to chocolate I only rock with Hersey's chocolate. Everything else is a waste of time and I'm not here to debate with you. Just know if you feel different, you're wrong, and you were raised in a house full of liars...

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