Kodak Black's security did exactly what they're paid to do while he attended an event recently: protect him from potential harm.

In a video shared on @timtboe's Instagram page on Monday (Feb. 8), Kodak is seen on the stage at what appears to be a party at a club in Tampa, Fla. The event is likely celebrating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Super Bowl last Sunday (Feb. 7).

Nevertheless, as Project Baby is subtly dancing and rapping along to his song "Versatile" from his Project Baby 2 mixtape, a white beam appears on the side and then on the bottom of Kodak's sweatshirt in a back and forth motion. The white beam showing up makes it seem like Kodak was a target. Almost instantaneously, the Florida rapper's security rushes him off the stage and out of the party through what can be presumed to be a back entrance. He was then escorted by his security to a black SUV that was parked outside.

It's unclear what the beam was exactly, but it's clear Kodak Black's security thought it posed a threat to the rapper's safety and well-being.

Kodak has made a few appearances at events as well as on social media following his prison sentence being commuted by former President Donald Trump. He was serving a 46-month sentence for falsifying paperwork while trying to obtain a firearm.

In fact, shortly after he was released from federal prison late last month, he offered to pay the tuition of three children whose parents—two Florida FBI agents—were killed while on duty. The officers were shot and killed while serving a search warrant in a child pornography case in Broward County, Fla., which is where Kodak is from.

The "Zeze" rapper also received a nice welcome home gift from Lil Yachty, too. Yachty blessed his fellow 2016 XXL Freshman with $50,000 in cash.

In the video the Atlanta rapper shared via his Instagram on Tuesday (Feb. 9), Lil Boat said to Kodak, "I got something for you. That’s that welcome home gift. A good 50-piece for him."

Since Kodak has been home, he appears to be enjoying his freedom, but it's also good to see that his security is being vigilant.

Check out the video of Kodak's security rushing him to safety below.

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