Residents in Fraser Township are upset over a flag that's flying in front of someone's house. The flag says F*** Biden and is visible for all to see.

According to ABC 12, several people have complained about the flag to Bay County law enforcement. Obviously, there's nothing they can do as the message is protected by the First Amendment.

Attorney Phil Ellison:

The First Amendment provides that the right of individuals to speak or to communicate cannot be abridged by the government, except in very limited certain circumstances.

He says the government can get involved with free speech but only when someone is threatening to kill someone or something like that. However, there's nothing they can do about the words written on a flag or sign.

I think it just boils down to the individual having absolutely no class whatsoever. This person obviously feels very strongly about his stance on disliking President Biden. There's nothing you can about that or his high flying flag.

I could care less about his political views and his actions are nothing more than immature and trashy. But regardless of how residents feel or how many complain to local police, there's nothing that can be done about it. Hopefully, this clown wakes up one day and realizes he's been a total tool and he takes it down.

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