The CDC has released more info this week in regards to fully vaccinated people. The Center for Disease Control has stated that you do not need to quarantine if you have been exposed to COVID-19 after you've been fully vaccinated.

I would hope you wouldn't have to. Isn't that the whole point in receiving the vaccine in the first place? The ability to walk around potentially infected people and not get sick. So obviously, you wouldn't have to quarantine, but some people need that spelled out for them.

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People who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 3 months and recovered do not have to quarantine or get tested again as long as they do not develop new symptoms. People who develop symptoms again within 3 months of their first bout of COVID-19 may need to be tested again if there is no other cause identified for their symptoms.

Well, if all this continues we may get back to normal life this year. That's a huge IF though. Multiple studies show that a new variant of COVID-19 from the UK has touchdown here in Michigan. This new variant is more contagious than the previous one and could spell trouble for 2021. I'm gonna sit back and be hopeful though. More and more companies are scrambling to develop their own version of a COVID-19 vaccine. So this year I'm confident we'll put a bigger dent in ending this pandemic than we did in 2020.


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