Goki Goki Korean BBQ and Speciality Meat Market is now open in Fenton. The opening has been a long time coming, the location on Leroy has been under construction for two years. Goki Goki is on North Leroy in Fenton. You will find it in the old Heritage restaurant location.

Goki Goki is a Korean BBQ on one side, and a specialty meat market on the other. On the meat market side, customers will find not only Asian food products but some American favorites as well. You will find Boar's Head meat and cheeses along with Zingerman's bread and Hibachi to go. You will also find a cafe inside with crepes and coffee beverages.

The restaurant side of Goki Goki is still a work in progress, but according to ABC12 should be open in a week or two. Once open, the restaurant plans to serve up an interactive dining experience. A Korean BBQ and meat market is a one of a kind experience for patrons of Goki Goki.

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