Kris Wu releases the official video for his latest single “B.M.” The music video is directed by Yu Cong and is very psychedelic, splicing shots of random short clips of things like a pigeon eating out of a bowl and woozy clips of Kris Wu while he's lost in his thoughts.

"We been on it ever since/The London bridge didn't fall on this/Cuz the shit we wear was too flame/Never miss designed for sure cultured/The minds of greats un-altered/Define the rights dream about skies/Paint a perfect montage on summer nights," he raps over dreamy production.

The Chinese star is quickly becoming a name since dropping "Deserve," his collaboration with Travis Scott. Kris Wu also revealed on Ebro's Beats 1 Radio show that he's working on new music with Pharrell. When asked about who he's working with for his album, he shares that his favorite collab right now is a song that he's doing with Skateboard P.

"I mean like I say my favorite would be Pharrell you know and I got a chance to work with him like two months ago because he was doing something in China and then I became part of the Beats family and they knew Pharrell was going to China and then he was doing a song for this event in China and he wanted a feature on the track," Kris explains. "So they reached out and said can you do a feature in Chinese and I went to the studio and met Pharrell and I wrote the little verse for him feature on that and then that's kind of where our relationship started and then right now he's probably going to produce something for me."

Kris adds that the song is in its early stages and is 50 percent done. There isn't a release date or title announced for his upcoming album, but the hype is starting to build.

Watch Kris Wu's "B.M." video below.

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