Kroger is bringing a major fulfillment facility to metro Detroit which means roughly 250 new jobs will be available.

Normally when you hear the words "Fulfillment Center" you think of Amazon. Kroger is partnering with a tech partner to bring the worlds of grocery and e-commerce together. Kroger and Ocado are working together to substantially improve the grocery delivery world for Kroger customers.

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The new distribution center will eventually bring an Amazon model to the world of groceries. Same day delivery on the e-commerce items that Kroger will have available will help move them deeper into the lives of their customers.

There is no doubt that the pandemic helped rush the plans for Kroger's e-commerce business along, but this was eventually going to happen either way. In the Kroger press release, officials talk about how the Michigan fulfillment center will be a smaller scale version of the regional hubs they hope to build.

Kroger's continued commitment to our region with the innovative new grocery delivery service provided by this high-tech facility will help improve access to fresh foods in southeast Michigan at a time when this service is more important than ever to keep residents safe and healthy

The new fulfillment center is good for our area on so many different levels. The first, and most obvious benefit is how Kroger customers in Michigan will benefit from the new service. Secondly is the chance at getting a new job with Kroger. They are hoping to fill the 250 positions soon, and the center is roughly an hour away from Flint.

If you are interested in applying, you can get more information about the jobs here.


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