Lansing City Council just approved for a Casino to be built in the downtown area.  The Capital City of Michigan has been affected by the poor economy in Michigan as so for the rest of the country.  It seem as though no city council member blocked this move which would bring jobs and revenue to the Capital City. 

I was wondering, should Flint re-visit the idea of building a Casino in the city limits?  I don't like the thought of bringing a Casino to a crime stricken city but maybe this could be a way to boost our city economy during the tough times we are in.  I ultimately do not think it is a good idea due to the long term ramifications.

What do you think?

LANSING – The Lansing City Council approved plans for a $245 million tribally-owned and operated casino attached to the city's convention center downtown.

In all, the council had to pass the plan in four portions and did so after hearing from some 45 concerned citizens, most of whom enthusiastically backed the casino.

While the aggregate plan was comprised of four parts, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero made it clear during his comments at Monday night's meeting that a vote against any portion of the plan was a vote against every portion of the plan.

"This is a one and done deal," he said.

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