A group called "Let Them Play" has filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan and could be forcing the state to eliminate the mandatory testing and quarantine that was put in place due to the pandemic.

The problem with this is that it completely disrupts student's athletic schedules. In some cases,  forcing students to sit out a whole.

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Student-athletes at Michigan public schools were undergoing weekly COVID-19 tests, which the state health department required, in addition to quarantining, if a player was exposed to someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. The rules have forced some players to sit out and, in some cases, disqualified entire teams from playing.


The state of Michigan has until April 9th to respond which is today. With more information coming out about the recent rise in COVID-19 numbers in the youth, this could be a touchy subject.

“This is not a good situation that these kids are being put in," said Jayme McElvany, founder of Let Them Play Michigan, said. "They are being forced to take tests that are only meant for symptomatic people, they’re not meant to diagnose this, they’re being used incorrectly. We’re being forced to allow it.” Source:NBC25.com

I'm not a Doctor, nor am I a Coach. One has a better idea of how viruses work, the other, not so much. With that being said the vaccine is here now we should be on our way back to being fully open by this Summer according to the Governor. So if the lawsuit works or not, things should be back to normal soon.


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