A new group has popped up in Mid-Michigan called "Let Them Play" and they're fed up with sports being on put pause and have decided to take action against the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services by filing a lawsuit.

I want sports to come back as bad as the next person, but I'd way on the side of better safe than sorry when it comes to athletics. But some people don't feel that way.

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Now sports were supposed to be back up and running on February 21st. Well, that time has come and past, and the recent uptick in positive COVID-19 numbers has put that idea on the back burner.

Our governor spoke on the recent delay in Michigan Athletics and this is what she had to say:

"I understand the concern that parents and athletes have but I also point to events that just happened the last couple days of the variant growing around Washtenaw county and the University of Michigan campus," said Gov. Whitmer.Source:NBC25.com

Even with all the evidence and new variants of the COVID-19 coming into America now, no one seems to care. People just want what they want. They could care less about the consequences and that's if they even believe in COVID-19. A lot of people feel like it was a political move to secure Biden's presidency. And it could've, but something is definitely making people sick, and worst, killing those with comprised immune systems.

So if it isn't COVID-19, then what is it?



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